Test Overview

If you have already downloaded the TNX WebAuthn+ mobile app, you can test the system (options on the left).

Start with "Create Credential".

Currently, WebAuthn+ is only functional on our prototype version of the Nexus Chromium Browser.

Important note:  The Nexus Chromium Browser is a prototype!  It is meant for conceptual testing.

The download consists of a 504 MB zip file (which is too large for Google drive to scan for viruses; but you really can trust us); this zip file needs to be unzipped and then the browser is launched by double clicking on "...\Nexus_Chromium\chrome.exe".

You will need to make sure Bluetooth is turned on in Windows 10/11.  Click here for more details.

You will need to set the Windows 10/11, "Allow apps to control device radios", to "On" while Chrome is NOT running.  Click here for more details.

Once you and a friend have each created the test Financial Credential you can test the funds transfer process (with simulated data).  Click Here for more details.

A system is secure if the plans for the system are public, and the bad actors can still not break in.

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